School Board Meeting Debacle

I am so very grateful to all that came out to exercise your civic right to attend a public meeting & make comment. While many got out what they came to say, I am sorry that the voice of others was cut short. I was truly embarrassed by what the people in attendance observed last night, though I believe the board meeting proceedings validated my reasons for going to the public. All in attendance got a glimpse of what I have been experiencing for 8 months since I raised my concerns over the conflict of interest our superintendent has with our primary legal firm, Guin Mundorf. I also believe it gave the public a glimpse into the way teachers and staff feel with regard to not having a voice and feeling oppressed.
Julie Shuck DoanePhyllis Balagna, and I lost 4-3 on votes to end the relationship with the Guin Mundorf firm, to open discussion to rescind the new contract offer to Dr. McGehee, and to end Terri Harmon’s term as president. However, one important goal was to bring more transparency to the Board of Education and district operations, and to that endeavor we were successful. To the goal of making our school district the shining light in the Greater Kansas City Area and in the state of Missouri, we may have taken a step back last night, but “patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.”
Thank you, Bill


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