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Audit finds strong points for R-7

Audit finds strong points for R-7

Too bad they didn't talk to the parents of children with special needs.  This report would have been very different.  I continue to get calls every week from desperate parents that are fighting with the district because they are not doing what is in the best interest of the children.  Why don't they ever do REAL research when they publish this findings?

School Choice Week |

School Choice Week |

It's National School Choice Week, and we here at StudentsFirst believe that school choice is a critical tool for empowering parents. Although education is sometimes described as a "great equalizer" -- a powerful social force that can level playing fields of opportunity among citizens -- our current education system only provides some kids with opportunity insofar as their parents can actually choose for them to attend good schools. The primary way that today's parents exercise school choice is by moving to a neighborhood in which their children are guaranteed to attend great schools. Other parents -- parents who don't have the luxury of moving to a neighborhood filled with high-performing schools -- are usually left with little or no choice.

The Final 2 Survival Characteristics

The Final 2 Survival Characteristics

7. Being ruthless – Now this survival characteristic is a further extension on “determination”. What I am talking about here is the need, when necessary, to be as ruthless as the most hard-nosed business person when it comes to your child. To give you an example I have heard of parents who bake cookies and take other treats into IEP meetings to try and “win over” the teachers and other educators in the room. Now for a start this isn’t my favorite approach as I feel it can blur the boundaries of what can be a “battle ground” at times. However I know people who do it and get great results so who am I to argue? But my point is – what happens when the head teacher turns around and flatly refuses the extra social skills class that your child needs (whilst he’s sat merrily chomping on your best home made chocolate brownie)? This is when ruthlessness needs to take over. If your son NEEDS that extra help then things may need to turn a little heated for you t…

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I commented on your misrepresenting the facts and figures on the R-7 schools. You delete any thing that tells the truth. You are one issue nut that will be defeated in the April election. Most people feel that you are a crazy person with crazy ideas. You are play loose with the real truth and facts and figures. You do not even understand the difference between Million and Billion. You must have had a very poor education. I notice you do not claim to be educated but want to run a school district. FAT CHANCE. I notice that your postings have 0 comments "I wonder why"? on Money Spent On Special Education Anonymous on 3/10/0 You stated the following:At the recent candidate forum Patti Buie stated that the Lee's Summit School District spends $3 on every special education student for every $1 they spend on regular education students.Patti Buie did not make that statement it was someone else. Maybe you were so in involved in your special agenda you did not pay attention to who…

For Anonymous That Knew That I Would Be Humiliated

A Race To Remember LS Tribune Saturday, April 12, 2008
A Race to Remember
Matt Bird-Meyer
Tribune Editor

Voters had an option Tuesday of four board candidates for three
seats. Maybe the outcome was indicative of lazy voting habits, where
the candidates at the top of the ballot get the most votes. Check,
check, check and move on. But maybe the outcome was indicative of
growing displeasure with the entrenched members of the board.
Whatever happened, newcomer Sherri Tucker came close. She was just 2 percent shy of overcoming incumbent Jon Plaas, who won 5,065 to 4,679.

Plaas had a slim 386-vote separation from Tucker. However the top
vote getter, Jeff Tindle, had 2,246 more votes than Tucker, and Jack
Wiley had 1,878 more votes than the newcomer. Tindle was listed
first on the ballot, followed by Wiley, Plaas and then Tucker. The
top two candidates were so far ahead of the bottom two that it
appears voters were gravitating toward Tucker.
I like to think the
people who make time to visit the p…

I Just Want Everyone To See What The Folks In Lee's Summit Really Think About Our Children

Sherri Tucker's Qualifications For School Board I am the President and Co-Founder of the Lee's Summit Autism Support Group

I am a member of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Special Education Advisory Panel (DESE) (SEAP)

I was elected to the SEAP Executive Committee

I am the Chairperson for the Monitoring Committee for the SEAP

I am a resident of Lee's Summit

I have three children attending Lee's Summit High School

I am the only candidate that is familiar with NCLB, OSEP, IDEA, and special education. I have extensive knowledge in these areas and I am familiar with the how the district is not following the spirit of the law.

I have a 15 year old son that has been diagnosed with Kanner's Syndrome/Early Infantile Autism, Dysgraphia, Inattentive ADHD, and Anxiety Disorder.

I just paid a $700 medical bill because school causes my son so much anxiety that he was taking medication to be able to attend school. His liver became damaged, because of the m…

Jeff Grisamore Not: Who Will Take Care Of Him

Jeff Grisamore Not: Who Will Take Care Of Him

As I am packing my suitcase for my trip I am worrying about Jake.  Not about my absence right now because there are adults that are going to look after him for the twelve days that I am going to be gone.  I worry about what will happen to him after I leave this world.

Who will make sure that he has food?  Who will make sure that he sees the doctor?  Who will make sure that he gets his medication?  Who will take him to the store for his video games?  Who will make sure that his clothes are clean?  Who will make sure that the world doesn't hurt him?  I couldn't protect him from the school district and the emotional and psychological abuse that they heaped upon him, but I have learned so much since then and I protect him with all that I have now.  Who will make sure that he has a place to live, heat, electricity, and air?  Who is going to do all of the things that I will no longer be able to do?

Many times he has told me that he wants…

Judge Says Teacher Accused of Slapping Autistic Kids Should Keep Job |

Abusive and Negligent Principal Facing Criminal Charges

Education News

I wish that I could say this doesn't happen here, but it does.  I have been to meetings in Lee's Summit, Blue Springs, and KCK that have educators that are ignoring abuse and neglect and then are hiding and changing records to cover themselves.  I have been to meetings where five experts have written or called to give their expert opinions only to have the school districts state that they know better.  Really?!!  I have seen families face retaliation for standing up for their children and others.  Not once.  Not twice.  Not three times.  But, too many times to even keep track of anymore.  Click on the link and read the whole article.

The parent of the student, who has proven to be an extremely strong, dedicated, relentless, and passionate advocate for her son; willing to take on the entire school district in order to ensure a safe and quality education for her son, stated that, “Mr. Raymond does not care about my son, and has never cared about him.  He has never …

Appeals Court Backs Parents in Special Education Placement - The School Law Blog - Education Week

Appeals Court Backs Parents in Special Education Placement - The School Law Blog - Education Week

The school district appealed to the 10th Circuit court, where it was joined in a friend-of-the-court brief by the National School Boards Association and the state school boards' groups for five of the six states that make up the 10th Circuit: Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Utah. (Wyoming is the sixth state in the circuit.) "School districts should not be responsible for unilateral residential placements made for medical purposes," the NSBA brief says. "Such responsibility is not only beyond the range of their competence and funding but also exceeds the requirements of the IDEA." Meanwhile, the parents drew the support of the Obama administration, with the U.S. Department of Justice filing a friend-of-the-court brief on their side that was also signed by a lawyer for the U.S. Department of Education. "This court should join the majority of circuit cour…

Police probe 'kill list' at Lee's Summit school | Local News - KMBC Home

Police probe 'kill list' at Lee's Summit school | Local News - KMBC Home

One parent notified took to television airways to vent frustration at what she called a lack of communication on part of the district. In a report that aired Jan. 4 on KSHB Channel 41 Action News, the parent questioned the district’s urgency in the matter. According to the report, the mother said school officials told her they’d found the list of five students – including her daughter – in an agenda, or planner, Dec. 7, but the mother wasn’t notified that day. “They waited a week to contact me and let me know my daughter is on the list,” the woman told 41 Action News. “They said ‘We have investigated, but we couldn’t find out who the planner belonged to.’ They didn’t speak to the students on the list, and now my daughter is afraid to go to school.”

'Kill list' found at Lee's Summit North High School

Jamone Boyd, Lee's Summit West football player, tased and arrested for marijuana possession

Questions remain in investigation of ‘kill list’

Memphis City Schools Mental Health Center sees progress on rate for expulsions, suspensions for students with disabilities » Memphis Commercial Appeal Mobile

Will You Run For School Board? Someone Needs To

2012 Board of Education Election PATTI BUIE, RON BAKER AND PHYLLIS BALAGNA SWORN IN AT THE APRIL 12 BOARD MEETING. Two people — Mrs. Buie and Mr. Baker — filed for two seats on the Board of Education in winter 2011-2012, and no election was held for these positions during April. Ms. Balagna was appointed by the Board of Education to serve a one-year term following the February resignation of Annette Braam, who has moved out of the school district.
·2009 Board of Education Election VOTERS ELECT PATTI BUIE AND RON BAKER ON APRIL 7
Patti Buie and Ron Baker were elected to the R-7 Board of Education during the April 7 election. Mrs. Buie received 2,594 votes, and Mr. Baker received 2,624 votes. Other candidates included Sherri Tucker, who received 1,061 votes, and Craig Belser, who received 596 votes.
Winners in the Board of Education race were Jeff Tindle with 6,925 votes, Jack Wiley with 6,557 …