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Are We Really That Good?!!

Lee's Summit has been blessed with a high population of children that are high achievers. We live in an affluent suburb with the highest tax levy in the metro area. We have parents that are professionals and children that have access to many amenities that allow them to reach their potential.

Is it because they go to school in Lee's Summit or does Lee's Summit look good because those kids attend their schools.

If you brought kids from the Kansas City School District out here would they prosper as well? Isn't that the group of students that Lee's Summit is failing? The numbers show that Lee's Summit scores have regressed for black students, free lunch students, and special education students. There is no denying that.

Missouri is one of the worst states in the country for education. Lee's Summit likes to announce their awards that Missouri gives them. Is it enough to be the best of the worst? I would like to think that we would strive for more than th…

Celebrating eight years of "perfect" scores

Some school districts that received federal sanctions this year for not making enough progress are now receiving a state award for distinction in performance.

That's because the state looks at a broader range of data, including ACT scores, college placement rates and availability of advanced courses, while the federal government focuses mainly on test scores, holding all subgroups of students accountable.

So some districts that received criticism when Missouri Assessment Program results were released in August are now celebrating their state distinction.

The state's education department doled out awards to 330 districts out of 523 this year.

While students on average met the standards, qualifying the district for the state award, subgroups of students did not. Those subgroups include students classified as special education, black or receiving free or reduced-price lunch.

Jim Morris, spokesman for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, referred in an e-mail…

Summary of the Truly Agreed Version of the Bill SS HB 2023

Summary of the Truly Agreed Version of the Bill SS HB 2023 --


Currently, a parent of a child with an individual education plan may request an expedited hearing to challenge the disciplinary placement of the child in an interim alternative setting or to
challenge a manifestation determination connected with an interim placement for weapons, drugs, or dangerous behavior. This bill replaces the specific reasons for the disciplinary placement with language that permits a parent to request an expedited hearing on
any disciplinary change of placement. The bill also revises the appeal procedure for the hearing panel decision, which currently permits appeals pursuant to the administrative procedures
statute. Instead, the bill specifies that a court will hear the case without a jury upon the record filed as the resolution conference statutes provide and limits the court's review to a
determination of whether the agency's action violates the constitution, was made upon unlaw…

Missouri Deletes Maximizing From Special Education Laws

This means that Missouri has lowered its standards so that they won't have to worry about litigation. Wouldn't it have been better to make sure that the standards were lived up to?

The Missouri General Assembly has removed language from its special education laws that formerly required schools in the state to maximize the capabilities of students with disabilities. The action came less than two months after the Missouri Supreme Court let stand a state appellate court decision applying the maiximizing standard to a special education dispute, instead of the lesser "free appropriate public education" from the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

The General Assembly deleted from Missouri Statutes 162.670 a declaration of state policy to provide special education services to all students with disabilities sufficient to meet their needs and maximize their capabilities. The section now states that Missouri public schools must provide all students with disabilities a …

Federal Education Funds Unspent By States

Federal Education Funds Unspent by States (2000-2002): Balance Available and % Not Spent (as of 01/06/2004)


Education for the Disadvantaged:

Available Balance 22,631,391
% Not Spent 4.81%

Special Education

Available Balance 16,970,753
% Not Spent 3.96%

School Improvement

Available Balance 16,978,135
% Not Spent 8.51%

Vocational & Adult Education

Available Balance 648,685
% Not Spent 0.61%

English Language Acquisition

Available Balance 179,659
% Not Spent 4.71%

Impact Aid

Available Balance 7,476,413
% Not Spent 14.9%

Grand Total

Available Balance $64,885,015
% Not Spent 5.16%

Prohibition Against Illegal Discrimination And Harassment


Portions © 2007 Missouri School Boards’ Association


General Rule

The Lee's Summit R-7 School District Board of Education is committed to maintaining a workplace and educational environment that is free from illegal discrimination or harassment in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs, activities and facilities.

Discrimination or harassment against employees, students or others on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, age or any other characteristic protected by law is strictly prohibited in accordance with law. The Lee's Summit R-7 School District is an equal opportunity employer.

Students, employees and others will not be disciplined for speech in circumstances where it is
protected by law. The Board also prohibits:

1. Retaliatory actions based on making complaints of prohibited discrimination or harassment or based on participati…

Teachers Stands In Place OF The Parent When The Child Is Sent To The Public Schools


The law provides teachers with considerable authority over the control and education of the child, once the parent sends his child to the public schools. The authority of the teacher is given by law and is not delegated by the parent. Authority is granted to the teacher by the state as an essential part of teacher responsibility. The teacher stands in place of the parent when the child is under the teacherʼs supervision and care.

The Intertwined Lives Of Those In Lee's Summit

Read this list carefully. Notice how much these folks all interact? They are on so many boards together. Is there anywhere in Lee's Summit where REAL people have a SAY?!!! There is even someone from the Kansas City Star on here. Guess that is why we can't get the Star to do an objective report out here.

Established in 1993, the Lee's Summit Educational Foundation raises, manages, and distributes funds for educational programs that benefit students, staff, and patrons of the Lee's Summit R-7 School District. This charitable organization is managed by a voting Board of Directors and a non-voting Advisory Council composed of community members.

The Foundation provides funding for scholarships and for innovative learning activities not able to be funded by the school district. Such examples are competitive classroom grants to teachers called PEAK Grants (Promoting Excellence And Knowledge) and Scholarships to graduating seniors. The Foundation also led a Capital Camp…

More Press Releases That Are Inaccurate

Once again, the district never acknowledged that this press release was inaccurate. They did, however, remove it from the website.

Missouri education officials select Lee's Summit R-7 School District to present program on autism education at state-wide conference Selection based on district's exemplary services for special-needs students

This is not only wrong, it is immoral to let people believe that Lee's Summit is doing anything but a poor job with our children. I can give you the names of numerous families that will testify to this. Many have already sent letters to Heidi Atkins-Lieberman about this.

The Lee's Summit R-7 School District was recently selected to present information on the district's services for students with autism at the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education's Annual Cooperative Conference for School Administrators, scheduled for early August. Just two districts in the state were chosen for this presentation, and sele…

Another False Press Release From The Lee's Summit R7 District

While they finally admitted to me that their press release was less than honest, they never sent it out in the same manner that they sent the original press release. Therefore, many folks falsely believe that Lee's Summit did this all by themselves and that those few families that are fighting with the district have no reason to fight.

Why didn't the district newsletter show that the school district got first place with the help of the Lee's Summit Autism Support Group? That is what helped the district get first place. I feel as though the district should share the recognition with us. When team members sign up they have to put what school district that they attend. Then that district gets credit for all members that go to that district. The Alliance stated "If you add the Lee's Summit Autism Support Group to the Lee's Summit School District team, it is very clear they are the winners for the school district."

This is the press release from the district:


Sherri Tucker's Qualifications For School Board

I am the President and Co-Founder of the Lee's Summit Autism Support Group

I am a member of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Special Education Advisory Panel (DESE) (SEAP)

I was elected to the SEAP Executive Committee

I am the Chairperson for the Monitoring Committee for the SEAP

I am a resident of Lee's Summit

I have three children attending Lee's Summit High School

I am the only candidate that is familiar with NCLB, OSEP, IDEA, and special education. I have extensive knowledge in these areas and I am familiar with the how the district is not following the spirit of the law.

I have a 15 year old son that has been diagnosed with Kanner's Syndrome/Early Infantile Autism, Dysgraphia, Inattentive ADHD, and Anxiety Disorder.

I just paid a $700 medical bill because school causes my son so much anxiety that he was taking medication to be able to attend school. His liver became damaged, because of the medication, and I have had to take him to a liver spec…

Lee's Summit Was Not Singled Out For Their Exemplary Performance

Dear Ms. Tucker:

The Lee’s Summit district made this conclusion by itself, by comparing their test results with statewide data. We reported the 2008 state MAP results recently. Here is the report: If you click on the “Summary” link in this statement, you will see a page of numbers which includes a column for the percent scoring Proficient or Advanced. It appears to me that Lee’s Summit did its own analysis based on these numbers and drew this conclusion. DESE did not single-out Lee’s Summit for exemplary performance. We issued the results for every district in the state at the same time.

Jim Morris
DESE Public Information Office

Parents of Autistic Children Address R-7 Board

Parents of Autistic Children Address R-7 Board

By Brett Dalton
The Journal Staff

Two Missouri school districts have been chosen to speak at the Commissioner of Education conference in August to share "exemplary practices in the area of autism."

The Lee's Summit R-7 School District is one of those districts, according to information released at Thursday's R-7 Board of Education meeting.

At the conference, staff members from the school district will conduct sessions for superintendents and other administrators from throughout the state in order to assist them in serving their autistic population of students.

However, before that news was announced at the board meeting, a group of parents of autistic children addressed the board and expressed their dissatisfaction with how the district provides for autistic children and students with various other special needs.

One of those parents was Sherri Tucker, who lost in her bid to obtain a spot on the board during the April 8 city el…