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School Board Elections

You only need vote for one candidate in the upcoming election.  You have the option of voting for three.   If you vote for two people that you really don't want you are giving them a vote and that might help them defeat the person that you really want.

Terri Harmon has chastised the voters of Lee's Summit for not voting the way that she wanted on the tax levy.  Now she is asking you to vote for her in April.  Here are just a few of things that she had to say about the citizens of Lee's Summit:

“This levy was the opportunity for our community to support our quality of education in Lee’s Summit and prevent further cuts from happening,” said Terri Harmon, a parent who voted for the levy.

Already, administrators planned to cut nearly $20 million in this year’s budget. Wednesday, they began prioritizing programs, jobs and activities to save. The district needs to slash another $6 million dollars from budgets over the next two years.

“We were obviously disappointed,” Harmon said.

School Board raises district tax levy - School Rankings, Reviews and More - Public and Private Elementary, Middle, High Schools

Lee's Summit District Ranking Has Dropped From 27th to 38th In Two Years

Missouri School District Rankings

Rank (of 483) District # Students # Ranked Elementary Schools # Ranked Middle Schools # Ranked High Schools Rank score*

31 Parkway C-2 17467 18 5 5 0.821

32 Maryville R-II 1431 0 1 1 0.818

33 Ste. Genevieve County R-II 2023 2 1 1 0.815

34 Fairfax R-III 176 1 0 1 0.815

35 Hardin-Central C-2 220 1 0 1 0.812

36 Liberty 53 10263 9 0 1 0.811

37 Mound City R-II 303 0 0 1 0.811

38 Lee's Summit R-VII 17326 17 3 2 0.809

39 Bakersfield R-IV 382 1 0 0 0.807

40 Cabool R-IV 809 0 1 1 0.804

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Locomotive Breath 1901: Citizens say NO to Lee's Summit School Tax Increase


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Locomotive Breath 1901: Enough is NOT enough.

Cities, counties, and state governments, as well as citizens are all facing budget crunches. - Lee's Summit Tribune - Lee's Summit News

How Are The Elderly and Disabled Getting To The Polls

This tax levy will affect the elderly and disabled far more than any other group.  These folks are on fixed incomes and can not afford to have their taxes raised just because Lee's Summit has chosen to rob them once more.

Who is going to make sure that these people can get out and vote on Tuesday?  I will volunteer my time and attention to this.  I would encourage everyone to do the same.  Everyone's vote needs to be counted and not just the school district employees and the same people that are endorsing this and scaring other folks into endorsing this.

It's time that the citizens of Lee's Summit speak up and tell R-7 that enough is enough and that they will have to learn to budget just like the citizens do.  Do we really want to see the elderly give up food and medication so that Lee's Summit R7 can continue to boast about how wonderful they are?  I will not have that on my conscientious. 

Let's get those same individuals out for the April vote, too.  Let t…

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Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave When We All Are On The Same Committees

Oh, What A Tangled Web We Weave When We All Are On The Same Committees

Lee's Summit R-7 School Board Members and Those That Are Running

Ron Baker
Annette Braam
Gene Brixey
Patti Buie
Dr. David McGehee
Jon Plaas
Jeff Tindle
Jack Wiley
Mike Smith
Terri Harmon
Chris Storms

Lee's Summit Cares

Ron Baker
At Least  Four Administrators From The R-7 District

Citizens Advisory Committee

Pattie Buie
Terri Harmon
Dr. David McGehee
Janice Phelan
Dr. Ann Starlin-Horner
Chris Storms
Jeff Tindle
Gene Brixey

(This information is hard to find and I could only find the minutes of a meeting and who was in attendance.  Janice Phelan is in charge of this and I had to ask her for a list the last time I needed it.)

Remember folks that it is the CAC that proposed the tax levy.  It's not hard to get the CAC to propose it when the school board and administrators make up the majority of the CAC.  These are the same folks that decide who is on the CAC.  What would be confidential and not be allowed to be heard by the public?


Is Adult Behavior As Bad As Children's?

In a district where nonviolent children are regularly sent to Ozanam or Gillis (where Jerry Keimig is on the board) adult behavior is excused or dismissed.  I have seen administrators, teachers, psychologists, and other personnel lie and bully children and nothing is done.  It is dismissed.  Yet if a child with autism, in elementary school, has a meltdown they are handcuffed and taken away.  Really?!!

Why does Lee's Summit accept unethical, immoral, and illegal behavior from the adults that are supposed to protect this children?  How long will it's citizens sit back and allow it to happen?  How much longer will the district address this by calling me that "Tucker nut"? 

How much longer will you allow this to happen to innocent children and continue to ignore it?

The Lee's Summit R-7 District Got $4 Million more in taxes Last Year, So Where’s the Shortfall?

The Lee's Summit R-7 District Got $4 Million more in taxes Last Year, So Where’s the Shortfall?

January 29, 2011

Despite the R-7 district's claim that tax revenue is shrinking, according to the Jackson County Collection Department they received $2 million more from property taxes this last year. According to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education the District did receive a shortfall in 2010 state taxes of about 6 million dollars, but the R-7 District received an additional 8 million more dollars from the federal government through the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009, yielding a net gain in tax dollars in 2010 of 4 million. The total tax revenue that went to the R-7 District in 2010 amounts to $169,051,445.80.

But the district claims:

"The financial crisis is compounded by growing enrollments and rising costs in areas such as fuel, utilities and benefits, including state-mandated retirement contributions." R-7 Website.

In the Flyer th…

School Board Candidates

Five file for three seats on Lee's Summit R-7 Board of Education

Five candidates have filed for three positions on the Lee's Summit R-7 School District Board of Education. Filing closed for R-7 Board of Education candidates on Jan. 18.

Candidates (listed in filing order) are Jack Wiley, Chris Storms, Terri Harmon, Jon Plaas and Mike Smith. Mr. Wiley is currently Board of Education vice president and has served on the Board since 2005. Mr. Plaas is currently a member of the Board of Education and has served on the Board since 2002.

The annual municipal and school election will be held on April 5. Board of Education members serve three-year terms.

Jack Wiley: Has been on the school board since 2005, is currently vice president of the school board, said that he would hold up our facilities to any one those in Johnson County, stated that he and his wife had babysat children with special needs so he understands what parents of children with special needs go through, said that the s…

School board wants to up tax levy

Community members invited to serve on Lee's Summit R-7 School District Comprehensive School Improvement Team

Community members invited to serve on Lee's Summit R-7 School District Comprehensive School Improvement Team

The Lee's Summit R-7 School District is seeking parents, community members and district employees willing to help design a new Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) for 2011-2016.

The team, consisting of approximately 40 members, will meet during March and April, to develop a student-focused strategic plan for the school district.

The R-7 School District has been a leader in visionary, strategic planning for many years with an emphasis on broad-based involvement by staff, parents and citizens. In fact, the first R-7 School District five-year plan was created in 1990 with the process continuing successfully for the past 20 years.

In preparation for the 2011-2016 Comprehensive School Improvement Plan, volunteers are needed to serve on the team. The group will meet from 4 to 8 p.m. Feb. 28, March 1, April 25 and April 26 at the Stansberry Leadership Center. An addi…