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I Have A Dream

I want to take a page from Dr. King and put my spin on it. I hope that it doesn't offend anyone. I have a dream that one day ALL children will receive the free and appropriate education that they are entitled to. I have a dream that children of color, living in the inner cities, will be provided the same opportunities and education that white kids in affluent suburbs do. I have a dream that EVERY child will be afforded the opportunity to attend college and pursue their dreams regardless of their ability to pay for college. I have a dream that students with disabilities will receive the services and education that they are federally guaranteed so that they can become productive citizens. I have a dream that school districts will one day do what is right, ethical, moral, and mandated without parent's having to spend their last dime on an attorney and court costs. I have a dream that one day no parent will have to call me or message me because their child is being emotionally, psycholo…