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BREAKING NEWS: School bus overturns

School Bus Slides Off Road in Lee's Summit - WDAF

Elections complaint filed against superintendent for fliers | Extra Credit education blog | The Palm Beach Post

Lee’s Summit Resident, Embarrassed Lee’s Summit School District is Using Scare Tactics to Push Tax Levy

On occasion friends tell friends, now’s not the time. Good friends understand

Lee's Summit R-7 Administrators Decrease In Order

Please join me in voting NO on the special tax levy election on February 8.

Why I Will Vote “NO” On The Levy

On February 8th, my husband and I will be Voting NO

Neighbors Café Located Downtown Lee's Summit Closing Their Doors

So much for just cutting out one dinner a month to pay for all of those activities at Lee's Summit School District.  I don't know of too many families can afford the dinner out to begin with.

January 24, 2011

On behalf of Neighbors Café we would like to send a special thank you to all of our loyal customers who have stuck with us over the years. We have been blessed with regulars that loved not only our food but our employees as well. We share the same love and appreciation for their dedication and loyalty to our restaurant. Neighbors Café’ has been such a joy to operate for all of us.

Neighbors became exactly what it was dreamt to be; a family restaurant with customers who would come once and then come again and again. We are blessed with a staff of dedicated individuals who put their heart into the business.

Again we would like to thank each and every customer for the …

Lee's Summit High School Opens Tiger Training Facility - Lee's Summit Tribune - Lee's Summit News

What is your solution?

Tax Levies According To Jackson County

Lee's Summit School District                                          6.0548
Blue Springs School District                                           5.7286
Raytown School District                                                 6.3200
Independence School District                                         5.4300
Fort Osage School District                                             5.3812
Grandview School District                                              5.8936
Hickman Mills School District                                         6.2717
Grain Valley School District                                            5.4887
Oak Grove School District                                             4.8654
Lone Jack School District                                               5.5140
Kansas City School District                                            4.9500 Local News: Some area school districts receive sanctions and awards (12/15/08)

"Enough is Enough' Group Opposes R-7 Tax Increase

‘Enough is enough’

Group opposes R-7 tax increase

Emily Jarrett, Journal Staff

With a little more than a month left until the Feb. 8 election, the fight over a proposed 89-cent tax increase has started. And the first to step into the ring is the group, Citizens for Responsible Education.

“We’re not anti-school district, I want to make that clear,” said spokesperson and former Lee’s Summit City Council member, Ron Williams. “A lot of times when you oppose something within the district, people say you’re anti-education or anti-children. This is just about us saying ‘enough is enough.’”

In November, the Lee’s Summit R-7 School Board voted 6-1 to approve a measure to put an 89-cent tax increase on the ballot in February. If the levy passes with a simple majority, property owners will see their levy rise from $6.05 to $6.94 per $100 assessed valuation.

“Simply put, it’s time for people to say, ‘can I afford this?’” Williams said.

While Citizens for Responsible Education is a relatively …

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School district tax levies: facts and stats

Ending Seclusion and Restraint Practices | SAMHSA News

MOAFAA: Homicide ruled in 4th death at troubled kid's facility

Grisamore to ... Kansas? | Prime Buzz

Jeff Grisamore Not: Grisamore to stay in Missouri | Prime Buzz

Colleges Find Area Freshmen Unready

My children are victims of this as well.  Jerry Keimig and Joy Rose refused to provide services to my children that qualified for special education.  Now I am paying for remedial classes in college.  Meanwhile, the children that are going were on the honor roll all of the way through high school.  It appears that pushing students through is the priority of the day.

Colleges find area freshmen unready

More than 40 percent of area public high school graduates in 2009 entered Missouri colleges and universities so far behind in reading and math that they took at least one remedial course once they arrived on campus, data show.

Of the 7,067 area graduates who enrolled that year as freshmen in state-funded schools, 3,029 of them landed in academic purgatory, taking catch-up classes that didn't count toward a college degree, according to the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

The proportion of Missouri public school students who end up in remedial college classes has risen only sli…