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Fox C-6 Watchdogs: What Are the Job Responsibilities of a School District's Section 504 Coordinator?

Fox C-6 Watchdogs: What Are the Job Responsibilities of a School District's Section 504 Coordinator?

What Are the Job Responsibilities of a School District's Section 504 Coordinator? I was asked the other day to explain what the JOB responsibilities are for a school district's Section 504 Coordinator. The person was trying to better understand what Assistant Superintendent Dan Baker's responsibilities were in the Fox C-6 School District for the last 6 years as the Section 504 Coordinator. I gave them a very brief description of what a Section 504 Coordinator does. This person was also trying to understand how the Fox C-6 school board allowed the Bakers to keep their jobs after being implicated in the recent Internet scandal in the Fox C-6 School District.
In order to get a more detailed description of what a Section 504 Coordinator does, I ran a quick search on Google. In seconds I found the following information from a school district in the state of Washington. Since Se…

School Administrators Coalition Seek To Limit Your Rights

SAC Legislative Bulletin
The official legislative newsletter for the School Administrators Coalition (SAC) which includes
MASA, MAESP, MASSP, MOASBO, MOCASE, MUSIC, MO K-8, MARE & MSHSAA January 16, 2012 - No. 3 - Copyright 2012


     It was a bit of a different story in the Senate last week as a bill endorsed by the School Administrators Coalition was passed out of committee.  SB 592 would help address frivolous lawsuits against employers and place caps on punitive damages that can be awarded to plaintiffs in cases of discrimination. The bill, which was passed last year but vetoed by the governor, puts Missouri in line with federal rules regarding the Missouri Human Rights Act. The bill requires a plaintiff to prove that discrimination was the motivating factor for their termination, protects individual employees from being personally sued when acting on behalf of their employer, and outlaws punitive damages for plaintiffs that sue politic…

Erosion Of Our Rights

The District wants the Missouri Human Rights Act to be realigned with Federal Standards in their self-serving way as Legislative Priority 8 states but when it comes to everything else basically, they want the Feds to butt out.

I think we need to work together to get Legislative Priority Item 8 removed from the Legislative Platforms of the 30 school district members of the CSDGKC. 

I would like to see that patrons understand that LSR7 Legislative Platform PRIORITY POSITION #8 HAS NO EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE.  I do not want my tax dollars used to erode civil and human rights of the citizens of Missouri.  I believe the CSDGKC and LSR7 are getting too involved in politics considering the purpose of both is supposed to be EDUCATION.   

The Cooperating School Districts of Greater Kansas City (CSDGKC Inc.) operates as a Missouri EDUCATIONAL Service Agency (ESA).  A CSDGKC sister  organization, the CSDGKC Foundation holds 501(c)(3) status.  In order to provide consistency and continuity, the board of…

My Letter of Understanding After Meeting With The District

The District continued to write one paragraph to discuss what happened in an IEP meeting.  These notes in no way reflected what happened in these meetings.  Therefore, I had to write letters of understanding to make sure that my son's educational record had some documentation of what really happened in those meetings.  Otherwise, there would be no record of what the district was doing to our family.

Mother was notified that the IEP team would be meeting on May 4th to close out Jacob's IEE and create a new IEP.  Mother was encouraged to attend.  Mother had canceled a prior IEP meeting because she felt that it was not necessary since the IEP had been predetermined and that no significant changes had been made.  The IEP meeting was for changes made to the prior IEP that parents had not agreed to.
Mother sent the following email in response to the April 8th meeting to:
Deanna ThorneStacey MartinJamie ArgotsingerRita DuvallJanalee ByersDuane FleckJohn FaulkenberryMichelle ReesGene Mau…