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The Death of Another Lee's Summit North Student

GreenSummit DispatchYesterday at 6:08pm · Greenwood ·  We are aware of an incident involving the death of another Lee's Summit North student Monday evening. The difference in this incident and the last tragic loss of a student at that school is that this occurred elsewhere, outside of school hours. Therefore, neither the school district nor LSPD will be releasing statements per their policy and we will be respecting the family's privacy during this horrific time. Please keep the LSN staff, students and the affected families in your thoughts and prayers. It has been a rough couple of weeks for this community and our youth.

Boy with special needs lured, sexually assaulted inside Lee’s Summit West H.S. bathroom: Police report | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

Lee’s Summit North High School dismissing students early after a student attempted to take their own life | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

Greitens Withdraws Appointment to State Education Board | Missouri News | US News

Greitens Withdraws Appointment to State Education Board | Missouri News | US News

Gelner said since her appointment she had seen little effort from the Greitens' administration to work with Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to help public schools. She said she was also concerned about "the pressure I've recently experienced to make rash leadership decisions," although she didn't elaborate on those decisions.

Board members, while appointed by the governor, are "required by law to serve the Board of Education on behalf of the 900,000 Missouri students — not elected officials," she said.

Gelner was appointed to replace Peter Herschend of Branson, who said Gelner was an excellent candidate for the board. He also was troubled by allegations that the governor's office might pressure a state board member.

"In 26 years, I've served with seven governors and not one time did I have a call from the governor or the governor'…

Trump nominates DeVry dean to Education Department post | MSNBC

Trump nominates DeVry dean to Education Department post | MSNBC

The nominee to head a division of the Education Department responsible for policing deceptive practices in higher education comes from a university that was cited for deceptive practices in higher education.

DESE will not release results of two key high school exams

DeVos closes civil rights complaints at faster clip than predecessor - POLITICO

DeVos closes civil rights complaints at faster clip than predecessor - POLITICO

The system was corrupt before.  Now it is just never going to work.  God bless kids because they are going to need it.

Executive Function Disorder Symptoms

Why We Have to Stand Up

I will explain my passion to those that don't know me or don't understand me. I had never been an activist. I had never been political. I had been raised to do what I was told and to trust people in charge. My son is autistic. He went to a wonderful school in Illinois that did all that they could for him. My husband and I wanted to move back to KC. That is where we grew up. My husband interviewed every school district in the area. We wanted Jake to go to the right school. We picked Lee's Summit because we bought all of the bullshit that they sold us. I told them that the school in Illinois felt that Jake would not do well in a large classroom. They told me that they were the experts and that they knew best. I believed them. I bought into it all. I never questioned them or educated myself. After all, I was a housewife and they were educated people. At the age of 13 my son came home and said, "Your life would have been better if I had never been born." I pray that no…

Don't Let Your Legislators Do This To You and Your Disabled Child

This is what my district is sending out to their patrons. They want the citizens of this city to protect them from lawsuits. Unfortunately, most people don't research this and believe all that they are told. I have a better idea. Do your jobs and you won't have to worry about it. They also state that at there are less discrimination suits in Kansas. If the suits are valid we shouldn't be trying to do away with them. We should not be discriminating.
Feb. 9, 2017
Dear Friend of Lee's Summit R-7 Schools,
Would you consider contacting your state elected officials in support of Senate Bill 43?
Bill modifies the burden of proof for school districts and other employers in discrimination lawsuits
Lee’s Summit R-7 officials are urging our area’s Missouri General Assembly senators and representatives to support Senate Bill 43, modifying the law relating to unlawful discrimination. A Feb. 8 story on KSHB Channel 41 highlights concerns about the current laws in Missouri which re…

Missouri House Ready to Roll Back Civil Rights Protection – Martin City Telegraph

Missouri House Ready to Roll Back Civil Rights Protection – Martin City Telegraph

If Missouri Senate Bill 43 passes it will be easier for school districts to discriminate against students with disabilities. Let that sink in.

Lee's Summit mother frustrated school doesn't alert parents about lice - 41 Action News

Lee's Summit mother frustrated school doesn't alert parents about lice - 41 Action News

Struggling During Recess & School Activities? Address PBIS in the IEP | The Wrightslaw Way

U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance to Schools on Ensuring Equity and Providing Behavioral Supports to Students with Disabilities | U.S. Department of Education

Keeping Students with Disabilities in School | The Wrightslaw Way

Former Lee’s Summit Chinese teacher accused of having sexual relationship with student | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

School Board Candidates

I am attempting to find information on the school board candidates.  It has been much easier in the past.  This year it has been more difficult. 

Susan D. Coffman

Susan Coffman has served as the Outreach Program Coordinator and Finance Officer for Lee’s Summit CARES since 2008. She has been a mayor-appointed representative to the Human Services Advisory Board, facilitated alcohol retailer trainings, organized the annual Holly Festival with the DARE program, managed bookkeeping and accounting, and served as the community liaison between LS CARES and local business, universities and the cities. 

Coffman’s financial background includes work as a customer support specialist at Jack Henry & Associates Inc. for 11 years and assistant vice president and customer support specialist at Merchants Bank for 17 years. 

Her community activities include serving on the Human Services Advisory Board, Paradise Park Advisory Board, Lee’s Summit Social Services Board, former treasurer of Rotary Club of L…

Current Board Members

Here are our current board members.  I am going to highlight items that I find interesting.  My own personal opinion is that they shouldn't be able to make decisions that can affect them in a positive way. If you are receiving a retirement from the district or you have a family member that works for the district your decisions could be motivated by your own self interests.

BobWhitePresident Bob White became a member of the Board of Education in April 2013. Within the community, he has served as president of the Lee’s Summit Symphony, director for the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation, as a member and education key-performance area chairperson for the City of Lee’s Summit 360 initiative and as a board member for both the Lee’s Summit United Methodist Church and Lee’s Summit Christian Church. Mr. White retired from the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District in 2007 after a 33-year career. Within R-7, he worked as director at Summit Technology Academy, as assistant principal at Pleasant Mid…

Missouri Human Rights Act

It may be more important than ever to keep the Missouri Human Rights Act strong.

If you view the video from 16:00 to about 23:00, you will see how the attorney and Chris Storms explain the issue with lawsuits.  There were other parts in which this was discussed as well but this is where the attorney specifically says he thinks the law will be changed this legislative session.

KC mother claims superintendent failed to protect twins from bullying |

KC mother claims superintendent failed to protect twins from bullying |

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There are more accusations against the outgoing superintendent of the Hickman Mills School District. FOX 4 News has learned that a parent is suing the school district, accusing Dennis Carpenter of failing to protect two students from bullying. Tamara Keith says her twin daughters haven't been in school for more than a year after being harassed, threatened and assaulted by eight other girls at Ruskin High School.

Audit raises serious questions about Hickman Mills School District

Don't Worry The Legislature Is Going To Take Care Of Lawsuits

Tonight as the LSR7 attorney was explaining about Dr. Carpenter's involvement in lawsuits, he informed the audience that he thought this year that the law (Missouri Human Rights Act) would be changed to protect against these high damages lawsuits.
So, you don't have to worry about any lawsuits.  Missouri will make sure that you have no rights and that you can't sue.  The behaviors don't have to change.  The district just won't lose money.

Is The Board Telling Us Everything?

The school board has lied to it's citizens again. Here is what the district said: Dr. Dennis L. Carpenter, currently Hickman Mills School District superintendent, will serve as the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District’s 2017-18 superintendent, according to a Jan. 9 announcement by the Board of Education. Board members and Dr. Carpenter are finalizing the new superintendent’s contract and expect to approve it by the Jan. 19 Board of Education meeting. Bob White signed the contract on January 11th. Dr. Carpenter signed it on January 12th. They also signed a three year contract after leading the public to believe that it was only going to be a one year contract.

Dennis Carpenter, new Lee's Summit superintendent, to be paid $235,000 a year | The Kansas City Star

Firm That District Used In Superintendent Search

This comes from the District's webpage:

The Lee’s Summit R-7 Board of Education is continuing its search for a permanent superintendent. Plans call for the Board to select the district’s 2017-18 superintendent by late January or early February. Applications closed on Nov. 11 with a total of 36 individuals applying for the job by the deadline. The Board of Education is working with BWP and Associates on the search process. The consultants are currently screening the 36 candidates and will present a slate of qualified candidates to the Board of Education by early December. BWP and Associates is determining this list using a screening process that incorporates feedback from the community and the Board of Education. More than 750 community members shared their opinions earlier this fall through focus groups and an online survey. In the survey and the focus groups, participants were asked to help identify critical attributes for the district’s next superintendent. Dr. Bert Kimble of BW…

BWP and Associates

This is the list of current searches:

Searches in Progress
Follow the links below to learn about searches in progress, or apply for a position now. Hazelwood School District - MissouriSeeking a Chief Financial Officer for the 2016-2017 School Year 
View information on community and position
Status:  In Progress
Bensenville Elementary School District 2 - IllinoisSeeking a Co-Principal, Johnson Elementary School, K-5
View information on community and position
Status:  In Progress
Lee's Summit School R-7 District - MissouriSeeking a Superintendent of Schools
View information on community and position
Status:  In Progress
Westchester Public School District 92