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42 percent of R-7 graduates that attend local community colleges must take remedial mathematics and English

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Political sound bites

John Beaudoin, Journal Publisher

John Beaudoin is publisher of the Lee's Summit Journal.

Tuesday night’s R-7 school board forum had a lot of reoccurring themes.

The levy failed so let’s get over it. That was a big one.

Another centered on current board member and candidate Jon Plaas being right.

I lost track of how many times fellow board member Jack Wiley and hopefuls Chris Storms and Mike Smith commented about Plaas making a great point, agreeing with one of his statements or just flat out “being right.”

Perhaps they were just being polite. But if they really think that, maybe Jon will be one of the three candidates they vote for on April 5.

No one can argue that Plaas had a steady performance at the forum, reiterating his stance that the levy going to the voters wasn’t wrong, it was the amount and the fact that so much of it was going to “bail out” the teacher’s retirement fund.

“Once you raise the property tax,” Plaas noted, “anyone …

Superintendent's Blog: Each student has value 3-15-11

Superintendent's Blog: Each student has value 3-15-11

Let's hold the superintendent to his word. Many students in this district have not only been fired, but they were never even considered for the job of learning. His words are fabulous, but actions speak even louder.

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Cuomo Seeks to Cap Pay for School Superintendents

Cuomo Seeks to Cap Pay for School Superintendents


ALBANY — Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey saluted a number of other governors, including Andrew M. Cuomo of New York, last week for making tough decisions in tough economic times.

On Monday, Mr. Christie had one more reason to applaud his counterpart in Albany.

Mr. Cuomo, in his boldest attack yet on what he calls wasteful spending by school districts, introduced legislation to limit superintendents’ pay that would virtually replicate a measure that Mr. Christie imposed in New Jersey.

Mr. Cuomo’s proposal would tie superintendents’ maximum pay to the size of their school districts, with the leaders of New York’s largest districts limited to a salary of $175,000 and those in the smallest limited to $125,000. It would not affect the New York City school system, where the chancellor, Cathleen P. Black, earns $250,000 a year.

The bill was introduced after a month’s worth of sharp words from Mr. Cuomo aimed at school s…

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