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No Tax Increase Bond Should Be Called No Tax Decrease

How many times have we heard that there needs to be budget cuts?  Lee's Summit R-7 wants to raise your taxes.  If you don't vote yes on this, they might be able to decrease your taxes and then raise them for the purpose of education and not to compete with Johnson County (as one board member said).

Here is what they propose to do with your money. 

A remodeling project at Pleasant Lea Middle School to improve spaces for the school's teacher planning center and student guidance area.

Technology improvements to address instructional and operational technology needs, laptop and desktop replacement, network infrastructure, security and storage, and emerging technology initiatives in the areas of student instruction.

Resurfacing of all three R-7 middleschool tracks to serve physical-education classes, athletic teams and community walkers and runners.

Construction of two unlighted, multi-use women's softball fields at Lee's Summit North High School that would serve physi…

Lee's Summit R-7 School Board Elections

Lee's Summit R-7 School Board Elections

Only vote for one person in the school board election. I am not voting for any of the people that are on the ballot. I am going to write in my candidate. I hope that everyone else will do the same.

Here are the candidates. I can only assume that it will be business as usual and our children will be at the bottom of their priority list.

Gene Brixey, currently president of the Lee’s Summit Board of Education and member of the Board since 2004. Seems to me that things haven’t improved on his watch and its time for a change.

The debates for the candidates last year were not advertised and the only people that showed up were pro school district. The press release was sent out by the district, but not in time for the local papers to advertise it.

Annette Braam, served on the Board from 2002 to 2005.

Dr. Jimmie Colbert, retired teacher, taught for 40 years in California, St. Louis and Kansas City, “I want to be an advocate for teachers,”

Who wi…