McGehee a strong leader | Opinion | Lee's Summit Journal

McGehee a strong leader | Opinion | Lee's Summit Journal

This shows you exactly how bad the school board has been and for how long it has been bad.  These former board members are also standing behind Dr. McGehee and their decision to hire him.  Lee's Summit, do you still wonder how bad it is and whether this is something new?  Wonder no more.  It has been corrupt for a very long time.


Ron Baker, former R7BOE president; Robert E. “Bud” Hertzog, former R-7 BOE vice president; Annette Braam, former R-7 BOE member; Jeff A. Tindle, former R-7 BOE president; Gene Brixey, former R-7 BOE president; Jack Wiley, former R-7 BOE president; Patti Buie, former R-7 BOE president; Manne Magady, former R-7 BOE vice president


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