More Cover Up and Misrepresentations

From Bill Baird

Day 5 of the 8-day countdown to our next public school board meeting on April 14th at 7:00 pm. Each day I am simply posting facts. In what may be one of the most offensive acts of deception to the public and district employees, Dr. McGehee and Ms. Harmon released a chart on Friday indicating that his “salary” had only gone up 3.74% per year instead of the full disclosure that his “compensation” has gone up 8% per year. This misleading chart, currently posted on the LSR7 website, embodies Dr. McGehee and board leadership's misrepresentation and lack of transparency as the chart omits his current $80,500 annuity/deferred compensation as well as amounts in previous years. These are real dollars going to Dr. McGehee. I don't know any teachers with an $80,500 annuity paid yearly by the district and taxpayers. There are no annuities or deferred compensation offered to teachers for any amount.
I have attached two charts explaining Dr. McGehee’s compensation increases. One supports the other to provide full disclosure and transparency. All of the information regarding Dr. McGehee’s compensation in the charts are directly from his signed contracts on file with the district.
The misrepresentation by Dr. McGehee and Ms. Harmon regarding his compensation is unacceptable. To present a chart that Dr. McGehee went from making $185,000 to $356,786 per year in compensation in just 10 years with only a 3.74% average increase per year is insulting to the taxpayers and employees of the district. If things worked out this way our school teachers would also be making nearly twice what they made ten years ago, but they are not. What makes the published chart even more incomprehensible is that it doesn’t even follow his salary increases.


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