Bullying At School

I am watching Dr. Phil, no I don't normally watch him, and he is talking about bullying in school that leads to suicide. It makes me so angry. In many cases the school district was aware and did nothing about it. It reminds me of when Jake was in school. He was bullied in the lunch room. He would never tell me about these things, but one of his sisters were there when it happened. She came home and told me about it. I contacted the school. Their answer was that his odd behavior lead to him being teased and that my daughter got her information about the bully wrong. She said that he had moved from one place and he had actually moved from another. I guess the fact that she got a little information wrong made the bullying ok. Jake dropped out of school when he was 16 years old. They were destroying him and I couldn't allow it to continue.


Anonymous said…
I know that bullying was allowed at Lee's Summit High School. As a previous LSHS teacher, I attempted to stop it. However, I too was bullied as an adult by coworkers...definition of a hostile working environment. Administration ignored it and when that didn't work they blame the victims. Psychologically sick people in charge.... only motivation is chasing after false awards to inflate their delicate egos.

Inmates running the asylum.

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