More Craziness From The Lee's Summit School Board

The following are the comments of Bill Baird.  I stand behind him 100%

Day 4 of the 8-day countdown to our next public school board meeting on April 14th at 7:00 pm. Each day I am simply posting facts. The following is a timeline of events that all occurred with regard to legal services and the conflict of interest that I object to with Shellie Guin of the Guin Mundorf law firm dating our superintendent. This will include timelines regarding the negotiations for Dr. McGehee's contract as the two issues are related. It also shows that I worked through the board process for seven months before making my appeal to the public. This timeline does not begin to count the many emails and one to one conversations I had with board members, Terri Harmon, and Dr. McGehee about this conflict. This timeline begins over one year ago in 2015.
January 19, 2015 (last year)
I expressed concern in an email to the outgoing board president regarding the legality of Dr. McGehee's proposed new contract. He agreed to send my concerns to Shellie Guin for review. I explained I was skeptical of Ms. Guin and her loyalty to Dr. McGehee over the board. He assured me she was loyal to the board and could be trusted in these matters.
March 2015
I expressed concerns in the board self evaluation and discussed with all members present that I felt Shellie Guin of the Guin Mundorf law firm was more loyal to Dr. McGehee than to the board and that we needed to address this concern with her.
April 9, 2015
Concerned that I had not gotten feedback from the outgoing president regarding Dr. McGehee’s contract I communicated my concerns of the legality of the contract to incoming board president Terri Harmon and vice president Chris Storms. Neither felt my concerns were justified.
April 9, 2015 Closed Session
Board approved a new 3-yr contract for Dr. McGehee with a significant compensation increase. Legal Counsel for the board was Guin Mundorf law firm. Shellie Guin did not attend the meeting. An attorney from her firm presented the contract and assured us the provisions were legal. The board approved the contract unanimously.
August 2015
Dr. McGehee disclosed to board members individually that he was in a relationship with Shellie Guin of Guin Mundorf law firm. I did object to him at that time and gave numerous examples of issues that could arise.
August 20, 2015 Closed Session
Under the category of “Personnel” the board discussed the conflict of interest and concerns with legal counsel.
September 24 Closed Session
Under the category of “Personnel” the board discussed the conflict of interest and concerns with legal counsel. Protocols for utilizing Guin Mundorf for legal services as prevention of the conflict of interest were presented to the board, but not approved by the board members. More than one board member objected that the protocols did not prevent the conflict of interest.
October - No follow up by board president
November - No follow up by board president
December Closed Session - No follow up by board president
January 13, 2016
I made request to Board President Terri Harmon to prepare a statement to the public regarding the superintendent’s relationship with our board attorney. I requested that the board approve the statement due to the conflicting opinions. I told her that the public was concerned and asking questions, and the board needed to acknowledge the situation.
January 21, 2016 Closed Session
Under the category of "Personnel" the board discussed concerns from the public over the perceived conflict of interest with legal services. Other board members agreed that there was concern in the community. Board leadership Terri Harmon and Chris Storms dismissed the concerns.
February 11, 2016
The Kansas City Star reported that Dr. McGehee is the highest paid superintendent in Missouri at $397,000. This is nearly $100,000 more than the next highest paid superintendent in Missouri.
February 18, 2016 - Closed Session
I presented to the board numerous policies, law violations, and misrepresentations to the State Auditor by Dr. McGehee with regard to his handling of our legal services providers. I also presented documents showing that our attorney, Shellie Guin was violating her own governing rules of the Missouri Judiciary and Bar. Lengthy debate occurred with accusations by board leadership and Dr. McGehee that I was the problem. Dr. McGehee’s conduct during the meeting was absolutely insubordinate and offensive to which no board member can refute.
March 17 Closed Session
After a month of no communication to the board from either Dr. McGehee or Terri Harmon, Ms. Harmon presented a document from an ethics attorney to refute my claims that Shellie Guin was violating the rules of Missouri Judiciary and Bar. Board members objected to Terri Harmon acting alone without board approval to obtain the legal opinion.
With Dr. McGehee still in the room Terri Harmon also stated she was going to present a new 3-year contract for approval for Dr. McGehee. I objected to not having reviewed the agreement ahead of time and to not having legal counsel present. Ms. Harmon stated we were not to make changes to the contract because we had previously agreed to a 4-year agreement. I disagreed to such a violation of the law and demanded legal representation.
March 21, 2016
I released to the Kansas City Star a public statement where I called for the resignation of Dr. McGehee for numerous violations of the law, board policies, and misrepresentation to the state auditor in the handling of legal services. Dr. McGehee responded by calling for my resignation and saying I was a “bad apple.”
March 22, 2016
President Terri Harmon began a smear campaign against me and released letters to the district employees through the LSR7 superintendent's office stating that I have no integrity. She also sent the same letter to legislative representatives and stakeholders in the community.
March 28, 2016 - Closed Session
Motion was made to approve a new 3-year contract for Dr. McGehee. Legal counsel that the board had not approved was present and stated that the superintendent’s contract was legal. I disagreed and presented the statute violations and Articles of the Missouri Constitution. The contract not only included illegal provisions, but it also took great advantage of the Public Schools Retirement System and would have cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. The meeting was adjourned without a vote.
April 7, 2016 Closed Session
In a closed session called on short notice, the same legal counsel presented a nine-page memorandum that refuted my claims of violations of board policy and statutes with regard to the handling of legal services. The legal counsel claimed the superintendent has the authority to use whatever legal counsel he pleases. I pointed out contradictions to such claims in his letter, but he did not change his opinion. President Terri Harmon then proposed an alternate 3-year contract for Dr. McGehee with modifications to bring it back in line with the laws. Despite the public outcry over the board's actions and lack of transparency, the new contract was approved in a 5-2 vote in closed session.
April 8, 2016
A press conference was held to release the letter from the attorney refuting my claims of law and policy violations. The letter also claimed there was no conflict of interest with legal services because Dr. McGehee and Shellie Guin are not married.
April 8, 2016
Terri Harmon and Dr. McGehee continued their smear campaign against me again using the school’s newsletter, a platform to inform parents and employees of events happening in the district. The school’s newsletter included a letter from Terri Harmon accusing me of being a bully, calling people names, and putting out inaccurate information.
I have done none of these things and consider myself a protector and guardian of the people of this community. The irony is that with this disgraceful act Ms. Harmon displayed the very behaviors she accused me of…bullying, calling me names, and putting out inaccurate information.


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