You Paid For It – U. City School District’s Political Newsletter |

You Paid For It – U. City School District’s Political Newsletter |

UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI) – The University City School District is being criticized for spending school funds on material to promote Proposition U. It is a bond issue they’re trying to get voters to approve on the Tuesday Ballot. Missouri state statutes prevent school districts from spending tax dollars to promote bond issues and or tax increases.
U-City spent $1,000 sending out a special election newsletter, and another $1,000 on a glossy postcard sent to homes telling residents to look at the conditions of the schools before casting their vote. The money from the bond issue is to help repair schools along with providing funds for other items.
Taxpayer watchdog Tom Sullivan calls the spending a violation of the State Statute and may file a complaint with the State’s Ethics Commission against the District. Sullivan says the Newsletter and other materials are clearly slanted in favor of Prop U.
Stacy Clay, the head of the University City School Board denies that the literature takes sides on Proposition U. He insists it’s just informational. He says the spending is not a violation of the statute.
But he couldn’t provide “You Paid For It” any example in the literature where arguments of those against Prop U are presented.


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