Nepotism on Fox schoolboard - Topix

Nepotism on Fox schoolboard - Topix

Basically I agree with you, but BOE meetings are so tightly scripted it hardly matters. When was the last time something happened at a school board meeting that you couldn't have predicted weeks or months in advance? Concerned citizens talk for 3 minutes while the Board ignores them like the ugly girl at a cool kids' party. When time is up Dianne blasts them but refuses to allow a rebuttal. If the citizen has the temerity to talk back to her Barney Fife starts wandering over. Then some plant in the audience (and I mean that in every sense of the word) stands up on cue and says "I love you Board! Keep it up!" What exactly they're supposed to keep up is left a mystery but nonetheless the BOE graciously thanks them. Then they all look over at Dianne like a dog expecting a treat for doing a simple trick particularly well.

After the self-adulation part of the meeting is over the Board unanimously approves whatever it is that Dianne tells them to. Then everyone goes into closed session. Critical matters are hammered out in these sessions like whose turn it is to have a relative/lover/best friend hired this month. Once that gnarly question is resolved a motion is made and is unanimously agreed upon. If there was any real disagreement it's pushed under the rug so the kids (read, us) don't see the grown-ups fight. Then the members walk out and promptly disappear like smoke from a crack pipe. Later that night the qualified but unconnected people who applied for jobs actually thinking they might get one (hahahahahahahahaha!) receive calls saying that they were thisclose to being hired. Unfortunately there was another candidate too good to be true who totally by coincidence was named Critchlow or Nash or Palmer.

What part of the scenario I've just described could you not have predicted? The whole damn meeting could have been handled with sock puppets manipulated by Dianne. In fact I'm almost convinced that sometimes they are. No real human being, much less a public servant would display the absolutely shameless behavior they do.

Turning off their mics is a kindness to the folks in the audience. Otherwise we'd have to listen to those sanctimonious small-time despots. I've heard that song waaaay too many times.


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