Fox C-6 and Board treat teachers like crap! - Topix

Fox C-6 and Board treat teachers like crap! - Topix

Even a board member's daughter-in-law who has only a high school degree can earn almost $70,000 a year in her first year. Oh she doesn't get summers off but the district can hire two new underlings to help he do her job and get supervisor's pay.

I am supposed to be grateful? I am supposed to be grateful that the administration negotiated and agreed to a pay scale and then reneged unilaterally? Without going back to the bargaining table? Also the BOE and administration says their reserves are getting low and thus had to change the salary scale. Does almost 20% in reserves seem low when the state only requires 3%. These are DESE numbers.

Does it seems low that Fox is increasing salaries by $1.17 million next year? That seems like a lot but I have 2 questions. First, do the teachers deserve less than the $3 million spent on 2 football fields? Second, how much of that $1.17 million is on administration raises?

And my job is only secure if the administration does not find out who is posting this.


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