You Paid For It: First Graders View Pornography In Ritenour iPod |

You Paid For It: First Graders View Pornography In Ritenour iPod |

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) – A shocking case at the Ritenour School District in Mid-County.
Two first grade girls were able to view pornography in the classroom on the iPod handed out by the teacher during class.
The two 6 year old girls were suspended, but the parents called me to look into this deal.
They say it’s the School Districts fault for not having an effective filtering system to keep kids, especially first graders from even being able to access pornography on school equipment. They say if the School is going to give out the devices, safeguards should be in place.
I talked to Ritenour’s Superintendent who says they’re taking steps to try to keep this from happening in the future. He admits the filters were ineffective.
I called some other school Districts.
One I called, the Francis Howell School District blocks all the access to sites like YouTube. They even block Facebook.
I talked to the Superintendent who said they just didn’t want to take any chances on kids getting to inappropriate material on the web. They say they even block the sites from teachers.
Ritenour says it’s doing a thorough review of its system


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