Superintendent's Salary

I just read this article about the contract of the Superintendent in Los Angeles Unified School District.

Superintendent John Deasy's salary this year is basically $330,000 or $350,000 minus $20,000 he will pay to his pension himself.  He oversees 567,150 students.  Pay bump at $1,341 per day for unused vacation days over 36 days accrued.

Article about Deasy

In July 2015, Dr. David McGehee will earn $306,735 (salary this year $282,831, next year $294,463).  He will be overseeing about 17,500 or so students.  That is about .031% of the students Dr. Deasy oversees.  He can also buy back 15 unused vacation days at his daily compensation at perhaps as high as (guesstimate $282,831 divided by 231 days worked)  $1,221 per day.

Dr. David McGehee's Official Contract as Superintendent of Lee's Summit R-7 School District

Fox C-6 Arnold, Missouri

Superintendent Critchlow's 2013-2014
Salary is $256,131!

11,767 students


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