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One of the things we highlighted in that paper was that there seemed to be no correlation between academic performance of students and the compensation of the superintendent. From just a cursory glance, this seems to be the case here. From 2009 to 2013, the percentage of Lee’s Summit students scoring proficient or advanced in math and language arts has remained almost unchanged. Other districts, however, have improved and Lee’s Summit has dropped in the rankings. In 2009, the district was in the top 35 districts in terms of performance on the math and language arts exams. The district since has dropped to 90th and 53rd, respectively.

I believe that we can say that there are many people willing to lie.  

Leadership defined by results, quantitative AND Qualitative; not by pub opinion education is a human experience

Don't believe everything you hear in a candidate forum. Some people are willing to lie to get what they want. District full of great leaders


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