Lee's Summit's Superintendent Highest Paid In Missouri

Fox C-6 Watchdogs: We Have A Problem! Fox's Superintendent Was The 4th Highest Paid in the State for 2012-2013!

We Have A Problem! Fox's Superintendent Was The 4th Highest Paid in the State for 2012-2013!

Recently the St. Louis Post Dispatch removed links to their Missouri Educator's Salary database searches from their website. I was curious to know how Fox's Superintendent Dianne Critchlow's salary compared to other school superintendents in the state of Missouri. So, I made a Missouri Sunshine Law Request to MO DESE and within a couple of days, MO DESE emailed me a copy of all Superintendent and Assistant Superintendent salaries for the state of Missouri from 1990 to present in an Excel spreadsheet format at no cost. I wanted to do some data mining to see the trends in superintendent salary over the years as superintendent salaries seem to be climbing out of control.

After a quick sort of the data, it showed that
Fox C-6 Superintendent Dianne Critchlow
was the 4th Highest Paid Superintendent
in the state of Missouri for 2012-2013!

Our school board is doing a great disservice to our community! We have a serious problem if our school board believes that Superintendent Dianne Critchlow is worthy of a salary that places her #4 in the state. Note that this ranking was for the 2012-2103 school year. We still don't know what her salary is going to be for the 2013-2014 school year. Based upon last year's salary schedule and what she was eventually paid for the year, she may have a salary at or above $260,000 for the 2013-2014 school year. That doesn't include benefits. The taxpayer is also paying an additional 14.5% ($35,789) on top of her salary into the Missouri School Retirement System as well.

Our community needs to wake up and start calling and emailing your school board members to let them know that this is unacceptable! Fox is not making the grade compared to Lindbergh, Rockwood or Parkway academically.

If you were to compare the percentage of students taking the ACT as a comparison ratio to calculate her salary, then Dianne Critchlow's salary should be reduced by 40%. Fox has the lowest percentage of students taking the ACT on the chart below.

Missouri's Top Ten Superintendent Salaries for 2012-2013

District Name
Salary Amount2012
% Tested
Composite Score
Total Expenditures
Lee's Summit R-VII$258,66017,55877.423.1$250,528,227
Kirkwood R-VIII$257,2205,13276.923.9104,967,480
Kansas City 33$250,00015,33697.216.4$225,824,117
Fox C-6$246,82411,61456.022.3$135,958,353
Rockwood R-VI$234,60022,26895.923.7$271,432,719
Special School District$233,7004,211n/an/a$374,210,620
Lindbergh Schools$233,6985,83084.523.0$81,605,925
North Kansas City$233,32218,67465.221.1$275,109,441
Parkway C-2$227,00017,35396.123.3$315,911,726
St. Louis City$224,00422,51669.916.5$452,146,762

What is Wrong With This Picture?

United States Vice President  -  $230,700
Missouri Governor Jay Nixon  -  $133,820 

The Missouri Education Watchdog website has an article from July 2013 titled, "You Might Need A New Superintendent If...". I think this article is very appropriate.

How did our school board members justify
our Superintendent's salary?


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