CAC and What It Doesn't Do

CAC Mission Statement

The CAC mission is to facilitate communication, advise and partner with the R-7 Board of Education, Superintendent and community to ensure a successful and innovative school system that maximizes each student’s potential.
Taxpayer/Stakeholders are given no way to contact CAC members, other than Janice Phelan, Director of Communications for the District, which defeats the whole purpose of it being a Citizens' Advisory Committee because of her affiliation as an employee of the District. The District uses this group to say they meet CSIP Governance Goals but they will not provide patrons with a way to call or email these CAC Members.  The CAC participates in consensus voting on financial matters and part of their charge is to communicate District initiatives to the patrons.  Please open the Charter link and read Outcomes carefully.  

If you attend a CAC meeting, you are considered a visitor/guest and you will not be allowed to speak or ask questions during the meeting.

Check out the Norms section on Confidentiality.  The CAC members discuss some agenda items that they vote are to be confidential and are not to be shared with the community. Interesting, does this group have a right to go into Closed Meeting type mode?  Many concerns about this situation.


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