What They Say and What They Do

We prepare each student for success in life.

They do this for students that would do well no matter what district they attend.

Lee’s Summit R-7 is an exemplary school district, graduating students who are college and career ready with the competitive advantage necessary to be successful.

42 percent of R-7 graduates that attend local community colleges must take remedial mathematics and English.

Lee’s Summit R-7 reflects a culture of respect and acceptance. Collaboration is an expectation that fosters mutual understanding and a focus on student achievement and staff development.

ABC News reports that after being asked to remove some of his clothing, one of the assistant principals asked Ball, "Do you have a gender identity issue? Are you aware that you're wearing women's clothing?" (Um, what?)

Lee’s Summit R-7 encourages innovation and creativity, recognizing student learning as our fundamental purpose.

Jack Wiley stated that he would say that our buildings are as nice as any in Johnson County when asked why we needed to pass another bond levy.


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