Parents angered over discrimination in schools |

Parents angered over discrimination in schools |

Many parents of students at Lee's Summit North High School in
Missouri are angry after discovering that their children were victims of
racism. The principal of the school, David Ulrich, allegedly sent
letters to parents regarding low standardized test scores, which
according to the school's data, "consistently reveal a significant gap
between the overall achievement of the school and our African-American
students.” The parents who did receive the letter were asked to attend a
meeting regarding the low test scores. Ironically, the letters were
only sent to parents of African-American students, regardless of their
test scores. However, parents of non-Black students who did receive low
scores did not receive any notification about the matter.

District Diversity Consultant and the school's counselor, who are both
Black, agreed with Ulrich's decision to notify the parents and invited
them to a general meeting to discuss their children's performance. They
went on to say that Ulrich's direct approach is a great start for
change. About 60 parents attended the meeting and Ulrich has scheduled
another on October 14, hoping to double the attendance.


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