Bernard Campbell Middle School Student Bullied Into Suicide Watch

I received the following email from a mother that is in fear for her child's life.  No child should be afraid to go to school.  My son was psychologically bullied until he dropped out.  It was the adults that bulled my son.

Hi my name is ____ and I need Help. My son is being bullied at school so bad that today I got a call that I was to meet my kid and a officer at Crittenton school because my kid had been attacked again and was wanting to kill his self. He has now been placed there for up to 3 days if not longer after they talked to him. He is on suicide watch and he says no one at the school will help him. I try to do my best but it's gone too far and I need more help. 

Hi I'm writing you again because I didn't get to tell you everything.
My son is on an IEP plan for school for learning disabilities. The bullying has been on going for two years at this school. My son has been bullied to the point of self defense. The school is doing nothing
about it. He feels  unsafe at school. This last time he was in a door way of a classroom when he was approached by one kid then a second kid came up to him and told him to drop his stuff and fight and
they called him salty and cracker and honky and the n word. And this happens all the time. And because he defends his self it's not bullying they call it a fight. Then I get a call saying for my kids safety he needs to come home. While the other kids get to stay in school.
And he gets punishments that are not OK while the other kids get away with.
It's not fair they let theses kids stay in school and they take my
kids education away and there rights to be with their friends. They
want to punish my kid by making him eat in the office and the only
communication he gets is from classroom to classroom. There also was a
fight on the bus that a girl started by punching my Kid in the face
and going after my other son and I have text and called the school to
take care of it. I was called back and told that I was to come get my
kids for safety reasons while the child that started the fight and threw the punch was allowed to stay at school.

 And another was when my child was punch and I didn't get a call till
two days after the fact and the principle said he was sorry he was
busy with other stuff. And another time was he was bullied for 3 weeks
and at lunch one day the same boy pushed to the point of my son
threatening him and they made them talk and had them in same class
again. A teacher had to step in to keep my son safe. The officer this
year has seen a few of these and knows that the kids are attacking my son and the principle still punishes my son.
All he does is defend himself and I'm tired of it all. My son wants to
die and cut himself cause they don't care he tries to do the right
things and get punished for what he does. I don't want to lose my son. Can you help
your page says you can. Please help us.


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