UMKC has a Resolution Agreement with the Department of Education | Civil Rights is Dead in Department of Education

UMKC has a Resolution Agreement with the Department of Education | Civil Rights is Dead in Department of Education

On December the 11th 2014 I received a letter from the Kansas City Office for Civil Rights. In the letter it stated that UMKC had voluntarily entered into a Resolution Agreement with the Department of Education Office for Civil Rights. The Resolution Agreement stated that University of Missouri Kansas City would seek out the Vice President of the Disabled Student Council and convince him to reconstitute the Disabled Student Council, failing to do that convince him to give names of other students who would run the Disabled Student Council. What UMKC failed to realize was that the VP had resigned from his position soon after UMKC illegally expelled me for my disability advocacy. 

The Office of Civil Rights had not properly protected me or the rights of Disabled Students to have a Disabled Student Council. When OCR wrote me to say the UMKC was voluntarily entering into an agreement to resolve the denial of the Disabled Student Council budget, office location, and sitting the student council in the Student Government Association. My scathing response to that email , details that the move was a simple pretext to divert OCR from the matter at hand. UMKC had expelled me for Academic Dishonesty while they were under investigation for Disability Discrimination, that is what Federal Law calls Retaliation . KC OCR acknowledges in the email to me that it knew of the charges I filed, yet they were not going to do anything about stopping the "University" from retaliating against me by filing Academic Dishonesty charges.

This is the reason why I started this blog. The Department of Education had been receiving disability discrimination complaints from Disabled Students in Higher Education, myself, and other disabled students for 11 years, and never before was there any Resolution Agreement filed against UMKC. Even this one is a "voluntarily" entered into agreement, and not a compulsory agreement. An agreement where UMKC presented its terms, while continuing to deny me the ability to complete my Doctorate Degree. There is ample evidence that OCR KC Department of Education is complicit in the death of Noah Matthew Siegel. There is ample evidence that OCR KC directors past Angela M. Bennet and present William "Bill Dittmeier are still employees of the UMKC. Just because a director recuses him or herself does not mean the employees will forget their boss works for UMKC, hence 16,000 discrimination complaints filed in 13 years and DSC may be the very first resolution agreement UMKC has had to sign. The reason UMKC voluntarily signed our Resolution Agreement is because I was on a call with the Presidents Disability Department staff and the Deputy Director of OCR Ms. Lihorn was on the call too, she acknowledged knowing about me and my case. One month later UMKC signs a resolution agreement.


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