They Don't Want To Be Held Accountable

Our school district is once again spreading false information to its citizens in hopes that you will contact your legislators and have them vote no on a bill that is essential to kids with special needs.  Anyone that has a child with special needs knows that they need to pass this bill.  Lee's Summit has consistently left our children behind and we need legislation to ensure that does not continue. 

They are also listing who voted on the bill so that you will think that they are not voting in the right way.  You need to congratulate these legislators for voting for our children and standing up to the bullying of the school district.

Shame on the House for not passing this bill.

Here is part of the mass email.

Dear Friend of Lee's Summit R-7 Schools,
On behalf of Lee's Summit R-7 schools and students, thank you for subscribing to "R-7 Advocacy," for staying informed and for contacting your legislators. Today's issue includes voting records on three bills that were voted on by the General Assembly this spring. Two were passed by the General Assembly and one -- Senate Bill 365 -- was not approved.
The three bills and our General Assembly members’ voting records are featured in the article below as well as on our web page

·         Senate Bill 365, a bill that would have made significant and harmful changes to special education law in Missouri. The bill was approved by the Senate but did not come up for a vote in the House. Senate Bill 365 was inconsistent and even contradictory to federal law on special education, shifted the burden of proving compliance with special education procedures to school districts and allowed parents of students with special needs to assert an individualized education program (IEP) is defective with little or no evidence, requiring districts to disprove allegations. If the bill had been approved, it would have resulted in significant costs for school districts.
Voting records:
All four senators representing R-7 voted in favor of Senate Bill 365 although the district opposed it. They are Sen. Will Kraus, Sen. Jason Holsman, Sen. Shalonn “Kiki” Curls and Sen. Paul LeVota. No vote was taken in the House.


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