State education department is a bureaucratic wasteland : News

State education department is a bureaucratic wasteland : News

42% of Lee's Summit graduates that attend community college will have to take remedial classes

It should come as no surprise to the tax-paying parents of Cameron Hensley ("A senior year mostly lost,"
May 3) that he will have major difficulty doing college work and that
the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is a
bureaucratic wasteland because of clueless and incompetent leaders who
have taken far too many education courses.

Missouri Education Commissioner Margie Vandeven said, "I'm sad about
what you described" and later when she admitted that she had never been
back to Normandy to see if what they had prescribed was working ... what
other reasons do we need why Normandy and other schools in Missouri are
failing? The students are being cheated of their rightful education
while Vandeven and other educators in Jefferson City are busy going back
to the bank instead of serving and seeing their customers.


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