How Many Miles Did He Really Drive?

The district has historically paid a vehicle allowance to several employees
who use their personal vehicles to conduct official business within the
district, but, other than for the superintendent, the district does not include
vehicle allowances in employee contracts, and the Board does not approve
the allowances as additional compensation. The district has not performed
an analysis to ensure the vehicle allowances meet the needs of these
positions or are reasonable. Using the IRS-allowed mileage rate, the
superintendent would need to travel over 26,000 business-related miles to
earn the $15,000 vehicle allowance he would have been paid for the year
ended June 30, 2014. This number of miles is considerably more than the
4,284 business-related miles he drove his district-provided vehicle during
calendar year 2012. The Board indicated in its response to our
recommendation that it will no longer provide the superintendent with the
vehicle allowance.


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