DESE investigating Dr. Art McCoy

DESE investigating Dr. Art McCoy

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (KSDK) – The president of the Ferguson-Florissant School District Board of Education announced Monday the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education has been notified of serious information regarding Superintendent Dr. Art McCoy.
President Paul T. Morris says they were required by law to notify the DESE after receiving the information. He goes on to say the DESE will be conducting an investigation.
Morris says they are prohibited by Board policy and state law from disclosing further details.
Dr. McCoy was put on administrative leave earlier this month for what the Board referred to as "a difference in focus and philosophy." His supporters want answersabout the developments that led to his suspension.
The NAACP has also gotten involved, and is threatening to file a Title Six complaint against the district because Dr. McCoy, an African-American, was put on leave by a nearly all-Caucasian board.
Last week, more than 900 parents and residents in the district showed up at a school board meeting in support of Dr. McCoy.
Dr. McCoy has been superintendent for almost 2.5 years. He previously served as assistant superintendent in the district.
The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education released the following statement regarding Dr. McCoy:
"The Department has been notified by the Ferguson-Florissant Board of Education of potential irregularities in mandatory reporting including district attendance. The Department will be reviewing this data and working with the school district to resolve any issues."


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