Don't Let Your Legislators Do This To You and Your Disabled Child

This is what my district is sending out to their patrons. They want the citizens of this city to protect them from lawsuits. Unfortunately, most people don't research this and believe all that they are told. I have a better idea. Do your jobs and you won't have to worry about it. They also state that at there are less discrimination suits in Kansas. If the suits are valid we shouldn't be trying to do away with them. We should not be discriminating.

Feb. 9, 2017

Dear Friend of Lee's Summit R-7 Schools,

Would you consider contacting your state elected officials in support of Senate Bill 43?

Bill modifies the burden of proof for school districts and other employers in discrimination lawsuits

Lee’s Summit R-7 officials are urging our area’s Missouri General Assembly senators and representatives to support Senate Bill 43, modifying the law relating to unlawful discrimination. A Feb. 8 story on KSHB Channel 41 highlights concerns about the current laws in Missouri which require a lower burden of proof for individuals filing discrimination cases in school districts when compared to other states. Senate Bill 43 would help bring Missouri anti-discrimination laws more in line with federal standards.

Joe Hatley, an attorney who serves several school districts including Lee’s Summit R-7, states on the Channel 41 report that our state’s current laws create a higher cost of doing business for Missouri school districts. The news report also shares that over the last 10 years, Missouri metro-area school districts saw at least 80 employment discrimination lawsuits while Kansas districts saw just three. Kansas laws are more in line with the federal standards.

You may read Senate Bill 43 at this link. Contact information for Missouri senators and representatives who represent our school district are listed below. Both calls and e-mails are effective ways reach your legislators.

Thank you for helping advocate for R-7 schools and students!


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